Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Literally not sleeping together

This fellow argues that sleeping single in a double bed is a sure sign of trouble:

"Is there another room in the home which provides for a more natural setting for a couple’s intimacy than their own bedroom and particularly their bed? Just walking into another person’s boudoir makes me uneasy, it’s their sanctuary and their holy of holies, and not for random strangers. The bedroom is where lives are made and secrets told. There are few other places where a couple can be so open with each other or where they can more freely enjoy each other’s affection and sensuality. It’s a place where couples can reconnect and where they can fall in love again and again. If the bedroom is love’s temple then the bed is it’s shrine.

It was also unsurprising that these same couples who slept in separate rooms had virtually no sex life to speak of . Without the ability for closeness with his wife, a husband will find other places for his passion such as his job while her desire gets stifled or redirected towards the children. If allowed to continue they soon can become so disconnected emotionally and spiritually they may as well be strangers and any impression they might give of being the happy couple is only by sheer luck or to intentionally throw others off the trail.

I’ve often wondered what these men thought as they moved into their guest bedroom with suitcase in hand, what was going through their mind? Did they offer to fix the problem? Did they ever attempt to even change her mind? Or were they too busy returning emails or catching up on the latest scores to even bother thinking about it, because ignoring seems much simpler than dealing with the real issues in the relationship? Or maybe he was just satisfied that doing so would shut her up for a while.
I’m convinced of few stronger signals that a relationship is in serious jeopardy than when couples stop sleeping in the same bed together."

This follows what I've seen as well, though I doubt most men are "too busy returning emails or catching up on the latest scores to even bother thinking about it." That's blue pill thinking. Men know something is wrong but don't know how to fix it.

I knew a guy who was tall, broad-shouldered, proud, and aggressive in public. He was older but fit. His voice filled the room and he'd slap you on the back, then lean in and share a confidence in your ear like you'd been friends forever. You'd assume he was a solid alpha, or at least a very confident beta.

Until you visited him at home.

The children had moved out some years before. His wife, an overweight and bitchy woman who ran a very successful business catering to the rich, ran his life at home. He would cringe and hunch over when she came into the room and complained at him about something. It was the strangest transformation you could imagine. Dr. Heckled and Mr. Pride.

They had a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. Nice cars. Nice stuff.

But they had separate rooms. He once half-apologized to me about it in a fumbling way. "You know, as folks get older, sometimes they just start to go their own way, so a few years ago she let me have this room..."

On the wall of his room were pictures of classic guns, sports memorabilia and other masculine accoutrements.

Yet he slept there alone.

Late one evening we were talking and he got talking about his marriage. He told me he was afraid. Afraid of being alone.

Yet he was worse than alone. His wife despised him.

What if he'd said "no" when she told him to get his own room?

What makes a "tough" guy turn to mush around his wife?

Why would he even stay?

Tell me what you think.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The cost of convergence

This is a good look at the problem with Google over at Men of the West:

"Convergence is a major problem in the Western world, arguably the major problem. Because inevitably, as an entity becomes more converged, its core reason for existing becomes increasingly neglected or even actively suppressed. For example, English police and social services – the people whose job it is to protect children –  allowed 1,400 little white girls to be raped, beaten and tortured by Muslims over a 15 year period. That’s not 1,400 little girls in total across England, that’s just in one small town. Many other towns and cities have suffered from the predations of Muslim rape gangs.

Why was this allowed to happen, even while tiny, vulnerable children cried out for help? Because the English police and social services are fully converged. Enforcing the law and protecting children might still be their official reason for existing, but as they’ve been taken over by the social justice hivemind their real purpose is now to signal politically correct narratives.

Google is now very far along this piteous path of poz, as anyone who’s ever wondered why they have Google Doodles for Mohammedan festivals, obscure monobrowed lesbians and random Third Worlders – but not for Easter – might have noticed. Not coincidentally, Google is also now full of blue-haired freaks, man-hating butterbeasts, polyamorous perverts, trannies, and all of the above."

The abandoning of the God-ordained order of husband and wife leads to more than just corporate losses. It leads to abject misery and even the violation of children, as Moira Greyland so painfully shares in The Last Closet

Game works because it is in line with reality. Anything that goes against reality will fail no matter how large its market capitalization. On the small scale, you have bitter feminists and limp men. On the large scale you have nanny states and pozzed corporations.

Read the entire article - it's a very good analysis. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Keynote Speaker At Biblical Manhood Conference Definitely Wearing Women’s Pants

"INDIANAPOLIS, IN—The keynote speaker at the God’s Design for Biblical Manhood Conference was definitely wearing a pair of women’s pants, sources attending the event confirmed Wednesday.

Clad in a form-fitting cashmere sweater with plunging neckline, oversized glasses, and pants that looked like they were designed for a 14-year-old girl, the speaker gave a 45-minute talk on what it meant to be a “real man of God.”

“God has specifically set up gender roles so that we can relate to each other as men and women as He designed,” he said, taking a moment re-spritz his hair with product. “God has called you men to lead your homes and show your wives that they can count on you to be a true, strong man of God.”

“It’s the butterfly design on the pockets that tipped us off,” attendee Carl Manning, 38, said. “A few people thought they were just super-trendy men’s pants, but as soon as we saw the rhinestones on the pockets, we knew for sure.”

Via the Babylon Bee, on target as usual.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When the carousel ends

Something is missing:

"In my years of semi-voluntary celibacy, I have several friends who have been in multiple relationships, some of them quite passionate and committed, but with barely a pause in between each one. 

The immediate sense of loss after a relationship is painful, but at least there’s a word for it: heartbreak. I have no simple way to describe the slow, dull ache of separation from physical and emotional intimacy after years without it. To roll on the floor drunk-sobbing about being single at this point would be ludicrous. It would also be absurd, and cruel, to say to someone who just broke up with their lover, “I’ve heard all this before, and I’ll hear it again before I get a turn.” But I have wanted, in moments of exasperation or bitterness, to say it.

Love and relationships are also, among other things, a marker of time. “Forever” frequently begins in love, though it is theoretically as tenuous as the single state. Looking ahead, if I really am riding this train to the end of the tracks, I don’t see any of the grand events in my future that help ground and timeline human existence, the events being in love provides. After my best friend got married she told me she cried all the next day, overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection from everyone she knew. She deserves it all, but years later, still single, I’ve realized that there will be no similar ceremonious acknowledgment of my life or my relationships with friends and family. Until I’m dead, I guess, but that won’t be very fun for me. Anchoring my existence without the signposts of commitment, or children, is a lot of work, and sometimes I feel myself giving up on it, drifting off into a grey directionless space in danger of floating completely away.

Weddings and heartbreak are all intense moments in the journey of love, and they both make you feel alive as hell. There is something wildly cathartic about going nuts immediately after love ends, eating tubs of ice cream while watching TV, leaning on your girlfriends for emotional support, kissing the wrong person some drunken night out on the town. Then as time goes on and the kisses end, you’re just someone eating ice cream. It’s not an emotional high or low. It’s your life, and a life that confuses and depresses people. I know when I try to tell a friend that I think I will be alone forever, they are imagining bleakness. They want it to stop. They want to give advice without acknowledging the subtext of offering a solution to my “problem.”

The underlying message in those platitudes is that I need to just keep on wishing and hoping and waiting. Just wait, and wait, because something better than the life you have is guaranteed. Love is guaranteed. But it’s not, is it? Not at all, not even for someone like me, who they maybe think is cool, reasonably attractive, and not obviously insane. I wanted to cry at that dinner table, because keeping up the farce that I’m still waiting means staying still. It means diminishing the life I do lead, which is a good one." 

It's obviously not a "good life," as Aimée is miserable. The feminist worldview she still espouses and advocates for is leading her to the grave lonely and childless.

Marriage and children are indeed "anchors" of existence, giving meaning, purpose and focus outside one's own thoughts. She instinctively knows what she's missing, yet cannot find it.

Keep your daughters from the poison of feminism so they don't end up in the same state as Miss Lutkin.

Your progressive worldview will never love and cherish you, no matter how committed you may be to it. It will never hug your leg tightly and say "I love you, mommy." It won't be there to hold your hand in your old age.

The fruits of feminism are loneliness, bitterness and a lasting heartache that Merlot and cats can never fill.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The curse of female "success"

Success is rarely as wonderful as reported:

Debi Thomas, the best African-American figure skater in history, couldn't find her figure skates. She looked around the darkened trailer, perched along a river in a town so broke even the bars have closed, and sighed. The mobile home where she lives with her fiance and his two young boys was cluttered with dishes, stacks of documents, a Christmas tree still standing weeks past the holiday.
"They're around here somewhere," she murmured three times. "I know I have a pair," she continued, before trailing off.

"Because — what did I skate in? — something. They're really tight, though, because your feet grow after you don't wear them for a long time." Her medals — from the World Figure Skating Championships, from the Olympics — were equally elusive: "They're in some bag somewhere."
Uncertainty is not a feeling Debi Thomas has often experienced in her 48 years. She was once so confident that she simultaneously studied at Stanford University and trained for the Olympics, against the advice of her coach. She was once so lauded for her lithe beauty on the ice that Time magazine put her on its cover and ABC's Wide World of Sports named her athlete of the year in 1986. She wasn't just the nation's best figure skater. She was smart — able to win a competition, stay up all night cramming, then ace a test the next morning.

She wanted it all. And for a time, she had it. After Stanford came medical school at Northwestern, then marriage to a handsome lawyer who gave her a son — who in turn became one of the country's best high school football players. Higher and higher she went.

Now, she's here. Thomas, a former orthopedic surgeon who doesn't have health insurance, declared bankruptcy in 2014 and hasn't brought in a steady paycheck in years. She's twice divorced, and her medical license, which she was in danger of losing anyhow, expired around the time she went broke. She hasn't seen her family in years. She instead inveighs against shadowy authorities in the nomenclature of conspiracy theorists — "the powers that be"; "corporate media"; "brainwashing" — and composes opinion pieces for the local newspaper that carry headlines such as "Pain, No Gain" and "Driven to Insanity."

There's a conventional narrative of how Thomas went from where she was to where she is — that of a talented figure undone by internal struggles and left penniless. That was how reality TV told it, when the Oprah Winfrey Network's Fix My Life and Inside Edition did pieces on her.

"She's got all these degrees," fiance Jamie Looney said as he watched television with Thomas inside the trailer. "She's a doctor. She's a surgeon. And she's here. I've got one year of community college. I know why I'm here. I look at her, wondering, 'Why are you not working somewhere else?' "
Such comments upset Thomas. "People are all like, 'Get a job,' " she said. "And I'm like, 'You people are fools.' I'm trying to change the world."

A woman's primary purpose is to be a helpmeet to her husband and the mother of children. Unfortunately, neither of those qualities are praised by the mainstream like "being a SCIENTIST" or "an ENTREPRENEUR" or, best of all a "HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST."

Often a woman will find great success at something non-marriage/non-making-babies related, then crash and burn when they find that success wasn't nearly as satisfying as advertised.

Remember, without women having children, the human race will literally cease to exist. In comparison with that, being the first female ASTRONAUTBALLERINALAWYERINNERCITYHANDBALLTHERAPYORGANIZER means little.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The sociosexuality of Die Hard: a very scientific analysis

'Tis the season when all good men watch Die Hard.

After It's a Wonderful Life with the family, of course.

Watching John McClane again this year with the sociosexual hierarchy in mind, it's pretty obvious why this guy appeals to us. He loves his family, he's imperfect, he stands up to the bad guys and gets things done when they need doing. He's an everyman kind of a character, with a little extra wisecracking to make him likeable.

You might think "this guy has to be an Alpha - look at how he manages to face everyone down and conquer!"

But you'd be wrong.

Holly's boss Joseph Takagi is an Alpha:

Hans Gruber is an Alpha:

But John McClane?


He's a normal guy. He's tough, but he's loyal. He's a hero when he has to be.

Yet his interactions with his career-chasing wife are cringeworthy. He's given her lots of leeway and she's left him, even going back to her maiden name - and he comes in to town for Christmas to see his kids, even berating himself for arguing with her after she's changed her name and acted like a bitch.

He's a good guy, though. A decent, normal guy. And when things get serious, he steps into the breach and risks his life for his wife and a group of strangers.

Deltas build civilizations and keep them together. If John McClane had been an Alpha there would be no Die Hard. Instead, he would have stayed in New York and kept a few female gymnasts on speed dial while working his way to the top of his department. Frumpy old Holly wouldn't even be in the picture.

And then who would've been there to say all those corporate stooges and drop Alan Rickman off a tower?

This guy?


Finally, this guy is definitely a gamma:

Alpha posturing without the Alpha goods.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Explaining the "strong female leadership" in The Last Jedi

Steve (The Dark Ninja of Mockery) writes:

Remember, The Last Jedi was written by this guy: 

Who (apparently without being coerced) married this woman: 


Now, I'm no expert on this Alpha, Gamma, Sigmund stuff but I reckon The Soy Awakens up there is pretty low on the sociosexual totem pole.

How do these guys imagine "stronk wimmin"? As either their horrible overbearing mothers, or their cuntacular teachers, or their vagina dentata'ed problem-spectacled bosswives."

Hair like that on a woman is a warning that every other evil rides in her train. Though even when she was blonde she wasn't quite right...